Getting deeper insights into Japan's Life Science business

BioSurvey is an online survey service specialized in Japan's Life Science business. By quantitatively analyzing opinions from several hundred Life Science researchers,we will provide a solution to guide marketing issues held by clients based on the truth (data).

Key Research Areas:

- Biotools (Equipments, Reagents, Consumables)
- Drug Discovery Platform Technologies and Services

Features of BioSurvey

Quickly understand the needs and trends of Japanese researchers

BioSurvey life science marketing research enables you to quantify and quantify life science researchers' product needs and demand trends for a variety of life science tools (instruments, reagents, consumables, and contract services).

Enables to request responses from KOLs that are difficult to approach under normal circumstances

Japanese life science researchers are usually very reluctant to cooperate in marketing research due to their busy schedules and organizational constraints. Through the operation of our life science media "BioMarket jp" and other activities, we have recruited people who are willing to cooperate in marketing research and established our own survey panel. (As of October 2020, we have a panel of over 3,800 life science researchers.)

Standardized templates are available for frequent survey topics

Pre-built surveys are available in which basic survey content is constructed to match the product or technology being surveyed. All survey template questions can be customized to fit your survey needs. (Survey operates on a performance-based remuneration system which is based on the collection number.)

Business consulting, as well as marketing research, are available

We can also provide support to foreign companies entering the life science tool business in Japan through consulting contracts.

Examples of implementation (excerpts)

  • Study on Genome research trend and demand for next-generation sequencer
  • Study on Antibody Production Tool trend
  • Study on creation of new cell biology research equipment
  • Study on creation of new cell culture reagents
  • Brand study on biotools in Japan
  • Study on creation of support service for glycochain research etc.

Examples of surveyed cases

single cell analysis

digital PCR

DNA microarray


magnetic beads

protein analysis

transfection reagent

bio imaging

protein array

peptide synthesis

real time PCR

cell assay

cell culture

stem cell differentiation induction

fluorescence / chemiluminescence

mass spectrometry

gene analysis



X-ray crystal structure analysis

organic synthesis (lead compound)

monoclonal antibody

recombinant protein

high throughput screening



Survey Panel

The characteristics of our research panel

Leading life science researchers cooperate with the survey.

Our proprietary database contains approximately 3,800 persons involved, including researchers affiliated with major life science research institutions in Japan. (Students are not included in the database because we request surveys from those involved in purchasing.)

Know-how to elicit accurate insights

The key to success in quantitative research is the design of the survey instrument. We have been providing survey services to life science researchers for many years, and our accumulated know-how based on this experience has enabled us to create a variety of "Standardized Questionnaires" that are optimized to elicit the desired insights. Storytelling is also an important element in the flow of questions.

We will listen to your needs and, depending on our experience with surveys, advise you on how to design the right survey questionnaire.

Neutral and reliable data

Because BioSurvey is conducted with the client's name (company or product name) withheld, fair marketing data that eliminates bias is obtained. The reports are mainly based on aggregated numerical data, so they feature precise information with no ambiguity.

Past survey results have demonstrated that BioSurvey's panel composition can accurately reflect the overall picture of the domestic life science research market.

BioSurvey Client's Voice

The results BioSurvey are extremely effective for our product development and sales strategy.

E. M., CEO, Antibody related startup company

Without BioAssociates' service, our marketing strategy will not be established.

M. I., Manager,

Business Development Department, Regenerative Medicine related startup company

We were able to figure out new marketing strategies.

S. S., Marketing Department, Genetic Analysis Instruments manufacturer

BioSurvey: Download Brochure

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