BioSurvey: In-Depth Insights into Japan's Life Science Industry

Unlock Deeper Understanding with BioSurvey

BioSurvey is an online survey service specifically tailored for Japan's Life Science sector. By quantitatively analyzing opinions from hundreds of life science stakeholders, we deliver data-driven solutions to address your marketing challenges and evaluate business opportunities.

Research Focus Areas

- Biotools (Equipments, Reagents, Consumables)
- Drug Discovery Platform Technologies and Services
- In Vitro Diagnostics

Why Choose BioSurvey?

1. Understand the Needs and Trends of Japanese Life Science Market

BioSurvey's life science marketing research allows you to quantify product needs and demand trends for a variety of life science tools, including instruments, reagents, consumables, and contract services.

2. Identify Potential Partners for Collaborative Research

BioSurvey can help you discover and connect with potential partners for collaborative research projects, enhancing your innovation capabilities and expanding your research network.

3. Engage with Hard-to-Reach Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Japanese life science researchers often have limited availability due to busy schedules and organizational constraints. Leveraging our life science media "BioMarket jp" and other initiatives, we have curated a panel of over 3,800 cooperative researchers (as of October 2020).

4. Dedicated AI Analysis for Insightful Reports

Our dedicated AI analyzes quantitative data and creates insightful reports. We provide on-demand reports tailored to your needs, delivering precise and actionable insights.

5. Ready-to-Use Templates for Common Survey Topics

Our standardized survey templates are designed to match the specific product or technology being investigated. These templates can be fully customized to meet your unique survey needs. Our service operates on a performance-based remuneration system, ensuring efficient and effective data collection.

6. Comprehensive Business Consulting

In addition to marketing research, we offer consulting services to support foreign companies entering the Japanese life science market. This includes evaluating business opportunities, providing strategic guidance, and handling business negotiation activities.

Example Studies:

  • Genome Research Trends and Next-Generation Sequencer Demand
  • Antibody Production Tool Trends
  • Development of New Cell Biology Research Equipment
  • Creation of New Cell Culture Reagents
  • Brand Analysis of Biotools in Japan
  • Development of Support Services for Glycochain Research

Discover how BioSurvey can transform your understanding of Japan's life science market and drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more.


Survey Panel


The characteristics of our research panel

Leading Life Science Stakeholders Cooperate with the Survey

Our proprietary database contains approximately 3,800 individuals, including researchers affiliated with major life science research institutions in Japan. Students are not included in the database as we target those involved in purchasing decisions.

Expertise in Eliciting Accurate Insights

The key to successful quantitative research lies in the design of the survey instrument. With years of experience in providing survey services to life science stakeholders, we have developed a variety of "Standardized Questionnaires" optimized to elicit the desired insights. Storytelling is also an important element in the flow of questions.

We listen to your needs and, leveraging our survey experience, advise you on designing the right survey questionnaire.

Neutral and Reliable Data

BioSurvey is conducted with the client's name (company or product name) withheld, ensuring unbiased and fair marketing data. Our reports are primarily based on aggregated numerical data, providing precise information with no ambiguity.

Past survey results have shown that BioSurvey's panel composition accurately reflects the overall picture of the domestic life science research market.

BioSurvey: Client Testimonials

Antibody-Related Venture, CEO Mr. M

"At our company, we conducted a BioSurvey to formulate a marketing strategy for our antibody production business. The survey results clarified the needs of bio-researchers that we had previously only vaguely understood across multiple categories. Unlike typical surveys, the cross-tabulation data based on meticulously designed questionnaires allowed us to understand complex user needs in an organized manner. Based on the results of this survey, we were able to adjust our product concept to match the top user needs identified and successfully promote our sales activities. Additionally, we discovered discrepancies between the user needs we had assumed during the product development stage and the survey results, allowing us to revise our product concept and development direction at an early stage. The BioSurvey results have proven extremely effective for our product development and marketing strategy."

Regenerative Medicine-Related Venture, Business Development Manager Mr. I

"We regularly use BioAssociates' market research services to understand the market penetration of existing products and the market size of new products. The bio-researchers we target are generally reluctant to share information about their purchasing and consumption behaviors due to the importance of maintaining the uniqueness and novelty of their research. This makes it very difficult to collect such information compared to other industries. In the past, we had a bitter experience with a market research company that struggled to recruit survey participants, resulting in a very small sample size and high costs. On the other hand, BioAssociates has a proprietary panel, allowing them to quickly gather a statistically significant number of samples. The quality of the sample attributes closely resembles that of the overall population. When we visit the field and interact with customers directly, the impressions we gain are remarkably similar to the survey results. BioAssociates' services have become indispensable for constructing our marketing strategy."

Gene Analysis-Related Manufacturer, Marketing Department Mr. S

"In recent years, the use of gene analysis-related products in basic research has skyrocketed, leading to an increase in market competition. We conducted a BioSurvey to understand customer purchasing behavior trends in selecting products amidst a variety of similar products. The results were largely similar to the impressions we had from our previous sales activities. However, there were some unexpected responses from the manufacturer's perspective, providing new insights for our future marketing strategies. Additionally, we gained significant knowledge on effective approaches from the customer's perspective that are challenging to obtain through regular business negotiations. Notably, the survey included a section on 'Services Customers Expect from Suppliers,' which was in a descriptive format, allowing us to understand detailed and varied customer demands. This highlighted the seriousness of customer participation and the high quality of the sample. The numerous responses in this section provided us with valuable information for developing new proposal methods and preemptively addressing potential issues, greatly contributing to efficient product management. The insights gained from the BioSurvey alone justify its use, and integrating the survey results allows for more multifaceted strategies. We plan to continue using this service to adapt our strategies and stay informed of market shifts."


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