About us

About BioAssociates,Inc.

BioAssociates is a business creation and marketing support company, exclusively focusing on the Japanese Life Science and Biotech businesses. We provide a business consulting and marketing solutions which is most appropriate for the Japanese markets.

BioAssociates provides life science marketing support services

Company Name BioAssociates,Inc.
Address 3F, Sanno Park Tower, 2-11-1 Nagata-cho,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-6162

TEL +813.6205.3311
Date of establishment November 17, 2006
Paid-In-Capital JPY 10,000,000
Founder and Principal YOSHI OBATA
The purpose of the Company shall be to engage in the following businesses:
  1. Consulting and market research in advanced medical technology and life sciences fields
  2. Business partnering service in advanced medical and life sciences fields
  3. Import and export of equipment, reagents, and software in advanced medical and life sciences fields
  4. Consulting on intellectual property rights management
  5. Call for equity and property investment fund
  6. Investment, ownership and operation of securities
  7. Internet business information service
  8. Advertising agency service
  9. Event planning and management
  10. Publication and electronic publication service
  11. Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing

Yoshi Obata, CEO  View Yoshimitsu Obata's profile on LinkedIn

Mr.Obata brings over 20 years of top-level marketing experience in Japan's life science business arena. He serves as a business producer to a wide variety of life science-related clients, including governmental bio cluster projects. Prior to BioAssociates, Mr.Obata held various strategic marketing roles, for 13 years, as a manager of Applied Biosystems Japan (formally Thermo Fisher Scientific) which is a leading provider of innovative life science solutions (systems, consumables, reagents, and services enabling researchers to accelerate scientific exploration). He holds a BS in Agricultural Chemistry from Tamagawa University.

Osamu Muraoka Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Dr. Muraoka is professor emeritus of Kindai University (formerly vice-president of Kindai University).

In 2019, he joined BioAssociates as a scientific adviser.

He is doing technical advisory work on the discovery and evaluation of biologically active substances in natural products using new methods and their application to healthcare products (Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and Foods with function claims).

Shinobu Imajoh-Ohmi Ph.D., Scientific Advisor

Dr. Imajoh-Ohmi is formerly associate professor of Disease Proteomics Laboratory, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo.
In 2015, he joined BioAssociates as a scientific adviser. In addition to writing popular contents about Antibody in BioMarket.jp lifescience portal site, he is doing technical advisory work based on rich experience.

Michael D. O’Neill, Science Writer (Editor & Publisher of BioQuick News)

Mr. O’Neill is a science writer and also editor & publisher of BioQuick News, an award-winning web site dedicated to the timely reporting of life science advances from around the globe. BioQuick News presently contains over 800 articles, has readers in over 160 countries, and includes a Japanese edition. Mr. O’Neill has over 20 years’ experience in science writing and editing, including editing and writing for BioBeat Online Magazine, an award-winning magazine published for six years by Applied Biosystems. He holds a master's degree in Immunology & Microbiology from Duke University, and also studied English at Yale University. Mr. O’Neill has won numerous industry awards for science and medical writing, as well as for news and feature writing.

Roshini Beenukumar, Ph.D. , Medical Writer

Dr. Roshini Beenukumar is a molecular biologist turned medical writer. During her Ph.D., she studied how cancer cells behave the way they do by exploring the humble yeast. Currently, she works as a medical writer specializing in medical communications and marketing writing for healthcare, life science, and biotech industries. She is a member of the European Medical Writers Association and enjoys communicating science to the public, particularly new ideas in the interface of medicine and technology. She holds a doctor’s degree in Life sciences/Genetics from the University of Cologne.