Online Advertising Opportunities for the Japanese Life Science Research Market

An innovative biotech web site for life science researchers in Japan

Many of Life Science professionals in Japan are registered.

Our membership portal site is the one for your business! is a membership portal site for life science professionals (researchers).
It is used by many stakeholders belonging to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, clinical research institutions, national public laboratories and universities.

Product Showcase

Provides Japanese language landing pages and inquiry translation for your products and services

The function of the Product Showcase

▶ We provide a “product page” which is placement of one page space of information per product (service).
▶ We will translate and forward to you any and all product inquiries received from Japanese potential customers.
▶ Various options are available for e-mail distribution, banner advertisement, and other means to effectively attract customers to the product page.

Product Showcase categories

  • DNA sample preparation
  • Genetic analysis
  • cDNA library
  • Biomolecular interaction analysis
  • Protein production
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Antibody purification
  • Glycan analysis
  • Cell analysis
  • Cell culture
  • Bioseparation
  • Compound library
  • Transfection reagent
  • Molecular imaging
  • CRO CMO                       etc.

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Advertisement Options

Product Showcase email

▶ New article alerts on will display introductions of products exhibited at the Product Showcase.
▶ Display content will be automatically created in conjunction with the product page (display content: product name and product image)

Manuscript specifications: Text up to 250 characters, 1 URL and 1 image

Direct email services

▶ We distribute advertisers' email newsletters to users on their behalf. (Our template is used for the email design.)
▶ We will translate the advertiser's message into Japanese and compose the HTML mail.

Manuscript specifications: There are no uniform restrictions.

Banner ads

▶ Position A:  W 728px × H 90px
▶ Position B:  W 120px × H 600px
▶ Position C:  W 250px × H 250px

Sponsored article

▶ BioAssociates' scientific and medical writers create original articles on topics requested by advertisers.
▶ Sponsored articles are published as articles in a special section of
▶ Sponsored articles are first written in English. After confirmation by the advertiser, it will be translated into Japanese and published on
▶ The English draft of the sponsored article can be used on the website of the advertiser.
▶ It is effective to serialize the articles and to use together the services of Product Showcase and Direct mail.

Ideal for direct marketing to overseas companies!

If your company wishes to introduce your products or services in Japan, we can set up Japanese content and help you to get inquiries.

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